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As soon as Gwyneth told me about Erin McKenna and her bakery BabyCakes NYC, I was entranced. I mean, who wouldn't be? Cupcakes that are actually good for you. After a little wander around the website, and taking advantage of strong Aussie dollar, I ordered her gorgeous cookbook.

You see, Erin makes (mostly) gluten free, vegan, sugar free cupcakes that apparently, rate as the best cupcake in New York. Ever. Even up against regular butter, sugar and wheat filled cupcakes. And I have to admit dear reader, that sugar, butter and too much wheat make me feel a little ill these days. And Erin's recipes, whilst differ from regular baking, are pretty easy to follow, taste sensational and don't leave you with a massive sugar crash. The cakes are so moist and tender. I'm in love. So far I've made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate frosting and the chocolate crumb cake. And Elsa wants the Triple Chocolate Fat Pants cake for her upcoming birthday.

The book alone is worth having even if you don't bake anything, the pictures are ace and the text friendly and funny. And here's a peak at a typical day in the bakery...

Meanwhile, my camera has broken, no pics of pizza ovens, advent calendars or cute kids to share. sigh. A bit sad. I'll have to dig out pics from the vault for future posts. But despite being busy, we are taking time to breathe. How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

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  1. Thanks for the book tip, I am going to have to get a copy. One of my boys has been on a dairy-free, gluten-free diet for about a year. It has been hard and I we have had slip-ups especially when it comes to cup-cakes. Every childhood should be filled with cupcakes but I agree some that are less sweet and wheaty sounds too good to be true.