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Good mail...

Arriving home from Sydney on Monday, I was greeted by a two foot high lawn, three dozen eggs in the fridge and some very exciting mail.

Hot off the press, there was a copy of Little One Kids Annual, featuring a simply gorgeous article written by that clever wordsmith Jodi accompanied by photos by the talented Jen Rayner.  It's such a lovely article.  I'm so thrilled to be included in such a gorgeous magazine and I have a permanent reminder that yes, there was one day that the children's rooms were actually that tidy....

But I was even more thrilled about finally getting my hands on a copy of Rohan's book that he so generously sent me. Oh I love it.  We made pumpkin gnocchi that very night.  And it was delicious.

Whole Larder Love is a vibrant, colourful and practical guide to the admirable way Rohan feeds his family.  Grow, gather, hunt, cook :: it's not preachy, just friendly, welcoming and bursting with enthusiasm.  Just like Ro himself.

Now, another omelette before I'm off to tackle that lawn....


  1. Nothing beats real mail, especially lovely parcels and reading material! I have not read Little One before, I will have to look for it. I also have my hands on Rohan's book and I adore it. I am finding it full of inspiration and also very funny in parts! Happy reading Michelle :)

  2. Welcome back from Sydney and thanks for the book recommendation! Another one for my autumn cookbook list.

  3. it certainly was such a lovely article in little one kids and your childrens rooms are just gorgeous. i love how earthy they are and how easily they can grow with your children, well done!

  4. Every little glimpse i get of your home makes my heart go pitter patter. Always.

    rachel ox

  5. oooooohhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait to grab my own copy of Whole Larder Love!

  6. I've got my hot little hands on the Whole Larder Love book too. It is such a lovely book.

  7. Oh, I can't wait for my copy of WLL to arrive. It looks fantastic.
    Your home looks so warm and inviting. And whenever I see your kitchen, I sigh. It's inspirational. No fancy schmancy just function and beauty.
    Have a glorious week.
    Kitty x

  8. Such a lovely book! Love your house, so beautiful.

    Holli xo

  9. Mail and books are two of my favourite things! Would it be weird to say I would love to read Rohan's book while seated in your kitchen?

    Alas, my kitchen will be the last thing to be renovated and is a sight for sore eyes indeed. :)

    1. Not weird Christina - I would love it! Come over!

  10. Oh perfect! It looks like such a lovely cookbook. I hope to find a copy sometime soon. Beautiful pictures of your house.

  11. a beautiful periodical and I have a enduring reminder that yes, there be one day that the children's accommodation were in fact that tidy....term paper sample free.